Tara Meyer @ VogueFit -Neo-Burlesque/Pole Fitness

Neo-Burlesque classes @ VogueFit Work out your inhibitions while crafting the body of a diva! Tara’s burlesque style combines the sex appeal of the PussyCat Dolls and techniques of Bob Fosse. Sweat, laugh and enjoy while strutting your stuff in a sexy and lighthearted class atmosphere. You will have a full choreographed routine after an […]

Mina Mechanic Silks Performance

Jagged Spring 2017 Showcase.

Michula Nunez – Bad Kitty Pole Fashion Exhibition

Antix Fitness Studios Michula Nunez solo performance from the 1st Annual Pole Convention. Michula is wearing Bad Kitty’s Cherry set and the Most Amazing Red Glitter Shoes as she displays strength and poise on the pole.  Michula is the West Coast Ambassador and board member of the Pole Fitness Association. Michula is also a member […]

Pole Dancer Marion Crampe Stuns Ellen with Her Impressive Moves

Marion Crampe came all the way from Barcelona to show Ellen her gravity-defying moves on the pole.

2014 Pole Classic 1st Place Ashley Fox

Ashley Fox won 1st Place Overall, 1st Place Women’s Division, and X-Pole’s People’s Choice Award at Pole Expo’s Pole Classic, September 2014.

Zoraya Judd Interview with PoleFreaks at Pole Expo 2015

Holly Munson from PoleFreaks (polefreaks.com) interviews the brilliant Zoraya Judd at PoleExpo 2015 in Las Vegas.

Yuri Marmerstein Seminar Teaser 2017

Do you wonder what goes on at my workshops? Here is a quick teaser from my first weekend course of 2017 at Sudden Movements in Leeds, UK. Looks like it’s going to be a busy year of teaching, but I am looking forward to all of it. I am going to be visiting some familiar […]

Dog Days are Over – Nir Halfon

Dog Days are Over – Nir Halfon Aerial Acrobat Entertainment Fabric/Tissue/Silks Long sheets of fabric flow as the artists fly through the air. Wrapping and manipulating the fabric around their bodies each aerialist executes precisely timed drops, dives, and contortion moves mid air.