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Tara Meyer @ VogueFit -Neo-Burlesque/Pole Fitness

Neo-Burlesque classes @ VogueFit Work out your inhibitions while crafting the body of a diva! Tara’s burlesque style combines the sex appeal of the PussyCat Dolls and techniques of Bob Fosse. Sweat, laugh and enjoy while strutting your stuff in a sexy and lighthearted class atmosphere. You will have a full choreographed routine after an […]

Mina Mechanic Silks Performance

Jagged Spring 2017 Showcase.

Michula Nunez – Bad Kitty Pole Fashion Exhibition

Antix Fitness Studios Michula Nunez solo performance from the 1st Annual Pole Convention. Michula is wearing Bad Kitty’s Cherry set and the Most Amazing Red Glitter Shoes as she displays strength and poise on the pole.  Michula is the West Coast Ambassador and board member of the Pole Fitness Association. Michula is also a member […]

Pole Dancer Marion Crampe Stuns Ellen with Her Impressive Moves

Marion Crampe came all the way from Barcelona to show Ellen her gravity-defying moves on the pole.

Dog Days are Over – Nir Halfon

Dog Days are Over – Nir Halfon Aerial Acrobat Entertainment Fabric/Tissue/Silks Long sheets of fabric flow as the artists fly through the air. Wrapping and manipulating the fabric around their bodies each aerialist executes precisely timed drops, dives, and contortion moves mid air.

Steven Retchless Pole Theatre 2016

If there’s a will there’s a way!

Rebecca Rasmussen – Professional Dancer, Master Teacher & Mentor

Rebecca wants to thank her supportive friends for believing in her while she continued her passion. She wants to send out a special Thank You to her amazing family for all their love and support throughout the years. Her father and Brother who have watched lengthy June Show Recitals, Nutcrackers and so on. Her mother, […]

Lisette Krol & Terri Fierce – Pole Theatre Paris 2016 Pro

Poleranking brings you the newest pole dance videos from competitions and pole shows around the world. How To Make: House of Blues’ Hurricane | Feed Your Soul

Spinning Pole Free Dance

Spinning Pole Free Dance at OC Pole Fitness.