Oona Kivelä


The next performer is Oona Kivelä. The crowd is holding their breath and sitting in total silence. After witnessing another spectacular performance by Oona Kivelä the crowd goes nuts. People are in awe.

Oona Kivelä has changed the world of pole dance. Unbelievable musicality, flawless technique and unique moves are her trademarks which together has created a new form of art.

Oona Kivelä started doing gymnastics at the age of 9 and continued until the age of 24. In 2008 she visited New York and read an article about pole dancing. From that moment she knew she would have to try it. It really was love at the first spin. Oona Kivelä comes up with her own moves and it seems like nothing is impossible for her. She tries. She succeeds.

From Pole Art 2009 Oona Kivelä found a choreographer Marko Keränen. She trains everyday and once a week with Keränen to correct every ankle position and hand gripping on pole. They want to create a perfect show: Every rhythm has its own set of movements and every movement is made from perfect lines. The primary goal is to mesmerize the crowd.

Oona Kivelä works daily at her own Fitness Club for Kids and Youngsters called Gymi. The training along the work includes gymnastics, ballet, parkour and pilates. She teaches PowerPole -classes specially designed for pole dancers to improve their skills on pole.

When we ask her what is the best thing about pole dancing she immediately answers: “Flow”.  This means to her attitude, musicality, creativity and surprises. Oona and the pole together creates a flow like no other pole dancer is able to do today and that makes her the most interesting pole artist at the moment.

Henriikka Rönkkönen

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