Kerri Friedman Pole in Red

Kerri Ann Friedman

Kerri Ann has been a dancer on and off her whole life.  She first experienced dance through ice-skating at the age of three and continued until she was 15.  Intermittently during her ice-skating, she has studied jazz, ballet, and gymnastics.  Her dance experience further extended itself to social dances like ballroom, country 2-step, and ballroom dances as she grew older.  She feels that all of these various genres of dance have not only contributed to her pole dancing and instructional style, but they have allowed her to realize how unique pole dancing is to all of them.

Apart from being a pole dance instructor and soon to be competitor in various national stages for Pole Dancing, she is also the Technical operations manager for Pole Expo.  She is also a successful Entertainment technician and carpenter for various Las Vegas companies including: Cirque du Soleil, The Smith Center of the Performing Arts, PRG, MGM Grand Arena, etc. Her whole life has revolved around performance and entertainment. It’s about time she has taken it upon herself to perform as well!!!

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